"...this album revels in an affecting combination of masterfully refined instrumentation and bold emotional depth." 
Zach Weg, The Deli Magazine, New England
"...a lush blend of folk and indie rock, the stark guitar warmed by Cantor’s full-bodied vocals which rise and fall from composure to vehemence and back again, creating something lonely yet fierce." 
-Jon Doyle, Wake The Deaf, UK

"Cantor clearly understands his craft. He’s writing with earned wisdom. Singing with a voice powerful but reserved. And best of all, he’s put everything into it—that comes through in spades. This is a fantastic debut record. The kind that grabs your attention and promises a bright future." 
Michael Phillips, Sound Citizen, Chicago

"Highly recommended...There are dark themes based around powerful guitar work...The vocals are always confident and persuasive." 
-Half-Life Music, Dublin
"...satisfyingly meditative Americana-esque indie folk-rock, with warmly familiar-sounding vocals and choice drum fills." 
Mali Sastri, Trill Boston